Why communication is IMPORTANT?


Your mind is creative. Your mind never stops thinking and creating the events after events and inventing the new ideas and creativity in your mind. When you have miscommunication with someone else or communication gap with someone else, it picks up the closer events, or people or things and joins them up and creates the imaginations and reality.

This is we call projections. Your mind anticipates and creates the events and situations in your mind and your intuition is the projection of your mind based upon your creativity and receptivity from your surroundings. Your own mind is responsible for creating heaven and hell. Since nobody can exactly understand your innermost thoughts, with your intention and intuition, you can feel and even see the pictures if you desire. When the communication is made, it can be clarified what’s their need and what’s their want and desire.

Better communication might create heaven and several options and openness in your experience and ineffective communication might alienate the person, and create hell and other issues in extreme in your relationship. Your intuition and your thoughts are based upon the impressions, influence of your environment and the quality of communications you have with the specific individual.

Today make it your intention not to wait to initiate communication. There are some exceptions at times that might block you but most of the time you initiate the communication always rather than playing with your projections and doubts and FREE yourself from the stagnation. 



I am a writer and teacher of Human Psychology. I love being myself and be authentic in my speech and writing. And I learn to be so from the life. Your honest inquiry will be solved if you are touched by my life.
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